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3in5 - 3 Things in 5 Seconds


3in5 is the mobile version of 5 Second Rule board game and 5 Second Rule game in the Ellen show. The objective of the game is to answer 3 things within 5 seconds. This is not a single player game. The is a pass-and-play game which can be played with any number of players. The fun part of the game is not how fast you can answer in 5 seconds. It is about how creative and funny your answers are and the debate between your friends, your family and you on the answers.The best feature of 3in5 is the categorisation of questions into packs so that you can select to include the packs you want and exclude the packs you are not unfamiliar with. Some special packs are in-app purchase items, which you only need to purchase once and they will be available across all your devices. Your support will keep the app frequently updated, and we promise it will be forever ad-free. Either free or paid packs, questions will be periodically added, and you will get notified.
Unlike traditional 5 Second Rule, questions in 3in5 are not necessary to start with "Name 3". They can be action like imitate, make sound, make gesture, and many more. There are many packs to choose from, such as Action, Animal, Anime, Country, Dota, General, Place, Movie, Sport, Technology, and You. Over 1,000 of questions are available, and more questions are added frequently.